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Understanding and working through the complexities of social impact...

Our work at Viridus focuses on three strategic levers for change: 

  • Wellbeing of Individuals in Organisational Contexts (Click here to know more)

  • Strategic Organisational Design and Development

  • Building Capacity and Capability of  Local Self Governments in both Rural and Urban Settings

This choice of levers is driven by an appreciation of the complexity of social impact and our collective cross-sectoral experiences. Creating social impact is inherently challenging as multiple stakeholders seek and negotiate different outcomes. Organisations, whether government, private or nonprofit, often have competing world-views, objectives and approaches. This often makes it difficult for them to work collaboratively or holistically towards impactful outcomes.

The vision of Viridus is to work with organisations in government, private or nonprofit sector to address these challenges by:

  • Fostering human connections that enable the finding of common ground and synergies for creative and innovative solutions 

  • Creating collaborative learning ecosystems within and across organisations

  • Collaborating with other organisations to create synergistic ways of amplifying the scale and impact of interventions

  • Enhancing design and implementation capabilities of organizations working towards social impact

  • Driving evidence based approaches to holistic action

What we do

Workshops and Courses

Building Capacities

We offer a range of courses and workshops in the areas of well-being, development sector leadership, organisation development, change management, self-development and program design and evaluation.


Holistic Solutions

We work with our clients to understand the problems and the contexts in which they work. We help to develop holistic human centered solutions to these problems. We support them through the evolutionary phases of implementing the design, evaluating its impact and enhancing the effectiveness of the intervention.

Social Innovation Labs

Purposeful Design

We run Social Innovation Labs for diverse stakeholders to come together to solve problems of multiple interests. Social Innovation Labs are structured processes that enable complex societal problems to be understood in new ways. Lab creates spaces for ideation, design and experimentation that lead to co-creation of scalable solutions that work. 

Collective Impact Forum

Collborated networks

We support the creation ecosystems of  networked actors capable of collective impact. We use approaches such as future search, transformative scenario planning, actor mapping and appreciative inquiry to drive multi-stakeholder commitment towards systemic reform.

What we do
Glimpses of our Work

Organisations we work with

Our Partners

What People Say...

Sujatha has a deep understanding of the Education sector and insights into how organization building can be made more sustainable. With this unique approach, Sujatha helped us work with our social impact startups to not just help them re-look at their content and their problem definitions but also understand how their stories could emerge from the individual founder story to the collective organizational story and what early interventions could help in building sustainable companies. Social entrepreneurship is a hard challenge to solve. Sujatha's practical and deeply researched insights ensure that we are able to help our companies not just build products, but build companies that can grow and scale.

Debleena Majumdar, Director - Research and Growth, 

Gray Matters Capital, India

Who we are

Our collective journey began many years ago as a group who collaborated across multiple change projects. It culminated with us coming together in 2017 to form Viridus.


We began with the belief that thoughtful collective action backed by research, evidence and bodies of knowledge could go a long way in addressing the complexities of social impact. We have grown to believe that the wellbeing of individuals who participate in the process is central to this endeavour. Our collective and individual journeys have only reinforced these beliefs.


At Viridus, we have learnt to work in holistic and emergent ways. We have developed a deep conviction that design processes must be human-centered and meaningful societal impact can only take place with collaborative action within and across organisations.

Who we are

The Team

Sudha Nair


Sudha is an avid learner whose diverse journey spans tech, marketing, textiles, e-learning, education and anthropology. She is self-taught and digitally savvy, she explores open-source platforms globally, creating content that melds technology and education seamlessly. With a master's in Anthropology, she aspires to be a serious ethnographer, delving into humanity's intricacies. Beyond her professional pursuits, she seeks inner calm and self-awareness, embodying a commitment to continuous growth.

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Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

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